Thursday, April 18, 2013

Exercise/Health tip #24: Nutrients!

Quality nutrition is vital in achieving optimal health and performance. Many people struggle with diminished energy and find it difficult to make it through the day. If you don't believe me, simply look up all the different energy drinks such as Red Bull, Monster, 5-hour energy, etc. Fatique is one of the top complaints by Americans today.  A lot of the reason for this problem is that the average individual doesn't receive enough quality nutrients.  Don't confuse nutrients with calories as they are not one in the same. There are plenty of what we call "empty" calories in our foods today.  For example, the Big Mac, *simply an easy choice* is loaded with calories but very little nutritional value. Take a soda as another example. There are 65 grams of sugar (240 calories) in one 20oz coca-cola bottle. Would you like to know just how many nutrients are in this same bottle? The answer is simple, *not enough to count.  Now let's look at a healthy example of a food that is loaded with nutrients. Take the strawberry. Strawberries include Vitamin C, Potassium, Folate, Fiber and Anti-oxidants.  One serving of strawberries, (one cup or approximately 8 strawberries) have 50 calories and include the nutrients our bodies are looking for. The lack of energy problem in our country isn't a lack of calories, but a lack of nutrients.  Want to feel better, have more energy, and lose some weight along the way? Increase your nutrient rich foods while decreasing those "empty" calorie foods.

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